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but first take a quick read on how we calculate all our services!

Dear Clients,

We have crafted a pricing system that aims to enhance your experience and deliver exceptional results. For those seeking transformative services such as Balayage, highlights  foil application  and creative coloring, our charges encompass both the product used and the labor expended per hour. We leverage using a  scale  to ensure precise tracking down to gram,  guaranteeing transparency and accuracy. The hourly rate varies based on the stylist's expertise, your specific goals, and the tailored process we employ to achieve them. This customer-centric approach empowers us to unleash our creative potential, allowing us to go above and beyond to bring you closer to your desired outcome within the designated timeframe.

When it comes to standard services like retouches, glosses, haircuts, and solid color color applications, we offer a competitive base price. There may be slight adjustments to the base price based on length and thickness and product used. Rest assured, the base price reflects the skill and proficiency of our stylists, ensuring you receive exceptional value for your investment!

Hair Salon
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