How many different methods of hair extensions are there?

There a variety of different method out there. Its all about finding the right method for your hair type.

  1. Weave – Also known as the braided method. The hair is braided and with a needle and thread, the weft of hair is literally sewed onto the head via braid. Allowing for tight and secure extensions. This method is best for thick coarse hair
  2. Fusion -The hair extension tip is a rounded-shaped keratin protein bond. The stylist takes a small section of hair that is equal to the hair extension strand you then place the bond on top of the hair, then the tip is then activated with the Hair Extension Tool, which soften the bonds. The stylist uses there fingers to mold and shape the melted keratin around the hair. When it cools, the keratin hardens again, creating a sealed, durable bond. This method is best for fine to normal hair.
  3. Clip In’s – Clip-in hair extensions are a quick, easy and affordable way to add lengh and volume to your hair. Our hair is are made of 100% human hair and that is why they can be cut, washed, blow dried and styled with curling or flat irons to adapt to all your needs. You can easily attach and remove them yourself in a matter of minutes.

We use 100% human hair straight from Italy.

How long does the methods take?

2-3 hour is usually the standard time for these procedures. They also include a cut & blending of the extensions.

Will extensions damage my hair

No, not at all. Our extension technicians are very experienced. They will give a detailed explanation on how to maintain your extensions at home.

How long will extensions last ?

The maintenance of your extensions will vary depending on the method used. Clip In’s can last you years if maintained properly. Weaves and Fusions extensions have to be replaced as the hair grows. We aim for 6-8 weeks for maintenance for weaves and fusions.

What are our hair extensions made of?

Our hair is 100% natural real human hair. We receive nothing but the best hair shipped in from Rome, Italy with exclusive distributorship to our salon. We can assure you wont find our hair anywhere else in Calgary!

How do you remove the extensions?

Once again the removal varies depending on the method used.
Fusions Extensions- We use a water based solution containing water, oil, peppermint, and a small amount of alcohol. This solution is tested and approved by the FDA.
Weave- We carefully section the hair, allowing us to snip the thread with ease and precision. .

Is there any discomfort?

We apply the extensions to the best level of comfort for each client. the first day or so maybe a little tight but after a few washed the extensions will loosen up.


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